Latin Fusion
627 Genesee St   Delafield WI
                Phone:      262 337 9058
Hispania Shop
Helping impoverished Comunities
from Mexico

Hispania is Helping artisans from Chiapas and Oaxaca by promoting their talent and displaying unique and beautiful pieces, acting as a distribution channel for their handcrafted art and textiles.​
Weasel Cat Alebrije from Oaxaca, Mexico​
Artist Mireya Cruz Ojeda
Tree of Life​
Estado de Mexico, Mexico
Clay Roosters​
Chiapas, Mexico
Hand Carved wodden angel​
Veracruz, Mexico
Pegasus Alebrije
Oaxaca, Mexico
Hand shape hammered Cooper Vases
Michoacan,  Mexico
Lizard Alebrije​
Oaxaca, Mexico
Hand carved and painted tray
Chiapas, Mexico
Armadillo Alebrije
Oaxaca, Mexico
Palm leave wooven clutch
Chiapas, Mexico