Latin Fusion
627 Genesee St   Delafield WI
                Phone:      262 337 9058
A​ dream come true.

Natalia Aramoni and Juan Gutierrez began dreaming of owning a restaurant when they moved to the United States from Mexico in 2000. For them the love and passion for the Latin culinary traditions always kept the idea burning in the back of their minds, until one day in 2012 when they decided to make their dreams a reality.
Natalia and Juan focused on a concept and once that was chosen, they agreed that principles and values should be established to help guide their visions to fruition. Then a few months later....

HispaniA was born!​

Our four principles​

HispaniA is the name of this journey bounded by four unwavering principles:​

 * Promoting authentic Latin culinary traditions.

* Supporting local producers by consuming fresh regional  products.

* Supporting the improverished- indigenous communities in Chiapas and Oaxaca by acting  as a distribution channel for the handcrafted arts and textiles.

* Providing the highest quality, healthiest food available with outstanding customer service.